Know If Your Program Is Working

The debate is not whether social technologies are of value, the question is how much value?

Monitoring tools today do not significantly (if at all) assist the interpretation of collected data into understanding the achievement (or not) of measurable objectives, which is how organizations run. That is why we developed a framework that represents informationalized data in a familiar grid to organizations: the Balanced Scorecard. Just as this approach can cascade into customized departmental scorecards in the organization, we have created a custom scorecard developed for Social Media:

Social Media Balanced Scorecard

You can see the familiar quadrant approach immediately, as well as the central focus on objectives and measures. The x-axis delineates the two important balanced perspectives of a scorecard, internal and external.

Each quadrant is seeking to determine an understanding in an area of focus. Clockwise from the upper right quadrant:

  • Community Vitality seeks to understand the mood and sentiment of the online relationships an organization nurtures with their community members.
  • Integration examines the people, process, and programs in the organization and where/how Social Media is affecting the inside.
  • Capital tracks the real resources (financial, human) an organization invests to establish and maintain the community.
  • Social Health seeks to understand how the organization is perceived where no formal relationship exists, and what information can be determined (think Social Network Analysis) that may be important to the organization.

Read the full whitepaper here.

Where does this data come from? How do you collect, interpret, understand it? That's where we come in.

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