Social Media Best Practises

Our Not-So-Secret Sauce

Our proprietary framework developed and enhanced over the last six years called OASIS, clarifies everything you need from measurable objectives to a sustainable implementation.

Using our OASIS framework, we can help you define your objectives, understand your audience, develop a strategy, plan the implementation and then manage your on-going role in the conversation. Because we understand business, technology, and communcation flow in the enterprise, we will also make sure that you know how you are going to measure your success, and stay on track to meet your goals.

Here's how it works:

Objectives - know what you are trying to achieve.

Communication is two-way; a conversation. Participating in a conversation is one thing, getting something out of it is another. The first step in OASIS is to clearly establish your objectives. Whether you want to grow awareness, increase engagement, lower costs of testing out new product ideas, or deliver more effective training, we will start by creating a clear and concise understanding of what you want. This will guide all other activities and establish the yardstick we will use to define success.

Audience - understand who you are connecting to.

Understanding your audience is key. People behave differently online than in real life. How they behave will determine how to engage them, and what role they will play in your conversation. Some people watch, others create, some review and many don't do anything at all. It will be critical to understand how that affects you.

Strategy - choose and prioritize ways to interact.

Once you have defined your objectives and know your audience, we turn our attention to strategy. We determine how you will engage each member of your community, how they will engage each other, and how this will meet your goals. The options are broad, so this stage involves lots of discussion and examination of alternatives to see what approach offers the best fit and most potential in the short, medium and long term.

Implementation - deploy resources and technology.

This step determines how you will bring your strategy to life. We will define what technologies are important and what you will need to do to make them work. If requested, we can also manage the project required to bring the conversation to life.

Sustainment - speak, listen, nurture, evaluate, adjust.

Successful conversations do not necessarily end, nor do they always go as planned! How will you manage for the long term? What will you do if things go wrong? What if they go right? Are there any legal, organizational or other impacts that need to be considered? How will you monitor and adjust your efforts to ensure that you and your community stay in touch, engaged and productive?

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