Sample Work

How Our Clients Are Using Social Technologies

Here are a few examples of our work:

Cost reduction through Customer Self Service

Client: Shoretel

Issue: Revenue was continuing to grow at 10% year over year, but so did the tier 1 person to person call centre technical support aspect of this global telecommunications equipment manufacturer. An increased capability for customer self-service was needed to ensure the technical support organization not only remained at a sustainable, affordable size and control costs, but could increase its effectiveness as equipment subject matter experts.

Solution: an assessment was conducted of the technical support tools and processes in place, and recommendations were provided in the areas of documentation Information Architecture, use of internal and external social technologies, and measurement strategies for the technical support organization.

Result: Shoretel is currently moving forward in a phased approach, implementing the Information Architecture recommendations, and planning the implementation of the social technology recommendations for peer to peer support.

Optimizing visibility with potential buyers

Client: Province of New Brunswick

Issue: The Business New Brunswick department drives the New Brunswick's economic development strategy through key priorities. They wanted a social media strategy to attract and retain commercial investment in New Brunswick through business development and related activities. Business New Brunswick has several stakeholder organizations as members of the online community including site selection consultancies, communities, and enterprises looking to relocate.

Solution: We used our proprietary methodology, OASIS, to develop specific business objectives, conduct primary and secondary research into the stakeholder community, and develop an implementation strategy and high level project plan/approach.

Result: We provided first hand feedback on what site selection consultants are looking for and how that can be delivered on-line via a social media strategy.

Improving communications using social technologies

Client: 20 Vic Property Management

Issue: 20 VIC Management Inc. manages a national portfolio of retail, office and industrial properties. 20 VIC's clients are the retailers themselves who pay rent, not the shoppers. They wanted to understand how they could work together in using social media effectively.

Solution: We provided our Social Media Balanced Scorecard, a framework to both plan your social media program, but to also measure what you get out of it.

Result: We were engaged to create a social media strategy for one of their regional properties, a large shopping centre in British Columbia, employing OASIS and our Social Media Balanced Scorecard, to ensure the program is working.

Cost reductions through internal collaboration

Client: Canadian Nurses Association

Issue: determine how social technologies can help increase the effectiveness between meetings of a geographically dispersed board of directors, and reduce the cost of producing and distributing massive paper binders for each quarterly meeting.

Solution: The design and implementation of an online 'Virtual Boardroom' where board members could review material for meetings, interact with each other one on one, or in groups, post questions, provide opinions, and have conversations.

Result: The Virtual Boardroom received an instant and enthusiastic acceptance by board members, as each individual had the opportunity to electronically zero in on topics and issues of particular importance to them. The board members saw great benefit in being able to target conversations in a private online area, without the nuisance and ineffectiveness of large email threads. There were significant cost savings with elimination of hundreds of pages of binders as well as shipping costs.

Professional career development using social technologies

Client: NurseOne (Canadian Nurses Association)

Issue: The Canadian Nurses Association required an online strategy to improve the engagement of over 130,000 nurses in the workforce across the country.

Solution: We assisted the organization in the design of a national members-only portal, where all nurses had access to members-only information, self-assessment tools, multi-media educational content, webinars, member feedback surveys, scheduled live chats with subject matter experts, and topic-specific discussion areas where nurses could participate no matter where they were in the country.

Result: The portal, implemented in June 2006, continues to provide an increasingly valuable suite of resources to nurses, no matter where they are, when they want it.

Reduced costs in communication and increased collaboration among stakeholders

Client: Newfoundland and Labrador Nurses Union

Issue: The organization traditionally relied upon paper mail-outs to communicate with its 5,000+ membership. Information was expensive and labour-intensive to collect, collate, produce, and deliver. Communication was largely one-way, and there was no mechanism to provide timely messaging, or any timely interaction with nurses. This situation proved to be a huge barrier to effective engagement, especially during contract negotiations with employers and the province.

Solution: the design of MyNLNU, an online members-only area with up to the minute communications, utilizing blog posts, multi-media content, and tiered discussion areas, where the board of directors, local branch presidents, and general membership could have discussions and resolve issues with their peers.

Result: a vibrant and lively community where nurses help nurses and the leadership can directly interact with the membership. The cost of bulky mail outs and staff workload has been drastically reduced, and membership satisfaction has dramatically increased.

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